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Results of the Digital Marketing Maturity Survey 2021

In 2020 and again in 2021, under the aegis of Marketing-numerique.quebec, Varibase and Intgral conducted a major survey on the maturity of Quebec organizations’s digital marketing. The survey consists of 13 questions covering 6 areas: data, customer knowledge, strategy, automation, customer experience, and performance measurement. Here is the state of play that helped us understand the strong points, the areas of improvement, and to identify the priority actions to be implemented.
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Mother's Day Inspiration

Are you looking for creative ideas and impactful content? Do you wonder when the best time is to communicate on Mother's Day? What original sublect line will make an impression?
Varibase has selected the best ideas from the Varibox to help you make your Mother's Day campaign a success.
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White Paper Black Friday 2019

This important sales period that includes Friday (Black Friday) and Monday (Cyber ​​Monday) is now one of the biggest shopping events of the year, second only to the holidays!
In this white paper, learn 10 ways to stand out from your competitors and achieve successful campaigns.
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Creative ideas for your Christmas campaigns

50 custom knitted ideas to optimize your Christmas commercial email. Wondering how successful email communication plan without on-request your database? When should you start talking about gift ideas in your communications? Give a gift idea a day, good or bad idea? Should we make an advent calendar? We answer these questions.
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